Candelaria’s Pottery Centre «Casa las Miquelas»

Centro Alfarero “Casa Las Miquelas”
Candelaria's Pottery Centre "Casa las Miquelas"


Adress: Calle Isla de La Gomera,7, old town center of Santa Ana
Phone: +34 922 505 216
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm
Candelaria has traditionally stood out for producing traditional pottery, spinning, and weaving. The Candelaria Pottery Centre «Casa Las Miquelas» is located in a renovated traditional house. Here you can learn about the potters’ history and their way of life by visiting three rooms. Here you will observe how young potters work and keep this tradition. The pottery center also has a shop that sells traditional pottery and ceramic jewellery. They are unique and handmade, and can be used on the best occasions or on a daily basis. Each collection is carefully studied with clearly defined shapes and materials and an own style. The purpose of this center is the creation of unique, youthful, and exclusive handmade pieces.