Former Seat of Island Council and of the Town Hall

Casa Cabildo Antiguo Ayuntamiento
Council and The Town Hall

The beautiful traditional balcony is this building’s benchmark. It was built in the 17th century, it was used as temporary residence to house the councilors and other authorities who came to Candelaria for the festivities.

Located next to the Pilgrims’ Fountain and next to the main Basilica’s entrance, this building was used during the 20th century first as a school and later as the former seat of the Town Hall. It is currently used as an exhibition center and for cultural purposes.
The former building, also known as «Casa Cabildo» (Island Council), has undergone several refurbishments and uses over the years: school, courthouse, and town hall. It is currently used as a municipal art gallery.
Just below the balcony is the Pilgrims’ Fountain. It was installed in 1959 by the artist Alfredo Reyes Darias. This piece is remarkable for a mosaic depicting the Virgin of Candelaria during one of her miracles. It is worth mentioning that this fountain was financed by women’s donations of the Canary Islands as a token of their faith in the Virgin of Candelaria.