Malpaís - Cuevecitas
Malpaís - Cuevecitas

Church St Antonio de Padua:It is located in the center of Malpaís (scoriae badlands). It was built in 1962 and houses the image of St Anthony of Padua, who is annually honoured during his festivities. Here starts the local footpath ‘SL-TF 294.1’. El Moralito, which leads to historic sites such as «Charca del Estado» (state pond) or the El Pino stone oven..

Church St Andrés Apóstol:Located in Las Cuevecitas, it houses the images of St Rose and of St Andrew, both annually honoured during their festivities. From here you can access the local footpath ‘SL-TF 296.1’ Barranco El Rincón, which leads to Araya.

The pine tree of Cuevecitas: A 300 years’ old specimen of Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis) is included in Tenerife’s catalogue of monumental trees, groves, and flora. It is municipally protected.

Lookout «Mirador de Chivisaya:It is located in the Siete Lomas Protected Landscape, a very important area in the past for agriculture and livestock purposes. Take the road TF-523 to Teide National Park. From here you will see a panoramic view of Chivisaya surroundings, the volcano «Media Montaña» and the Güímar Valley.

Wineries Chivisaya: These old wineries are located next to the ‘Media Montaña’ volcano. They are currently not being used, but they stood out between the 18th and 19th centuries for their white and rosé wines, famous on the island and exported to the UK.