Samarines Beach

Location: very close to Candelaria, it can only be reached on foot through the ravine Barranco de Samarines. Accessibility: No Descriptión: Sand and pebbles are seasonal and alternate throughout the year..

Las Caletillas beach

Punta Larga beach Location: Paseo Graciliano Ruiz Rodríguez (coastal center of Caletillas). Accessibility: Yes (ramp). Descriptión:A beach of medium-grained pebbles, approximately 65 meters long and 30 meters wide. It is a quiet beach of moderate influx of people.

Punta Larga beach

This beach is over a thousand meters long. It is also a place to practise sports or to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Location: Avenida Marítima. Accesibilidad:Yes (ramp) Description: beach of sand, gravel, and pebbles. Its access and facilities have been Leer más …

Hornilla beach

Location: C/ la Piscina (next to the municipal pool of Candelaria). Accessibility Yes (ramp). Descripction: small beach of black sand and pebbles. Landscaped areas surround it; it also has ramps leading down to the water of this beach sheltered from Leer más …

Alcalde beach

Location: Avenida de la Constitución. Accessibility: Yes (ramp) Description: Small horseshoe-shaped beach, with breakwaters at both ends. The upper part of the beach has soil, the middle part has small-grained pebbles and the lower part has sand. It is around Leer más …